Backlink Resources – Add These Ideas To Your Toolkit

There is more confusing information about backlinking than perhaps any other area of SEO and internet marketing. When I created Backlink Index Express, the area of backlinking and backlinks software was just getting started. If you have any questions concerning where and how to use buy backlink, you can make contact with us at our site.

Before the 'modern' era of back linking strategy, most backlink were of the 'reciprocal' variety; that means I link to you, and you in turn back link to me. It was discovered that these arrangements were not very effective, as it was easy for search engines to smoke them out - particularly since most sites at the time had a backlink resources page - that means just a page full of unrelated links to various other sites. These kinds of links are no longer considered useful - they can even hurt the ranking of your site, you should avoid them.

Now it is accepted that one-way links to your site are best and that has spawned a whole industry of backlink resource providers - including services, software and a plethora of strategies, some simple, some complex - and some even contradictory.

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