How to Install And Care For Kitchen Faucets

Most of us never take the time to learn how to care for our equipment in the house. In our minds that is something that is left for the maid or house help to do. Put yourself in a scenario where there is no maid and something goes wrong and needs fixing. What would you do then?

It would be handy to have a little information on how to fix things yourself and not feel the need to call the neighbor or the first handyman you come across. It is also very self-satisfying to be able to complete a task without any help! One such equipment that might need repairs may just as well be the kitchen faucet.

There are various styles in Kitchen faucets. Their functioning varies by the number of handles they have. The mixed faucets have fused handles of cold and hot water while the compression faucets have different handles separately for each.

Another way to differ kitchen faucets is by the material by which they are made. The most popular would be chrome and stainless steel. This may be because of the ease of which the two shine after being polished and the sleek look both maintain. For us traditionalists nickel and brass may be polished for an antique finish.

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Whether you are fixing for the first time or replacing an existing one decides the kitchen faucet installation. Compared to replacing an existing faucet, fixing a new one is much easier. When installing for the first time one can fix the faucet before fixing the sink. In the other scenario of replacement one has to go through the trouble of working under sink, over supply lines.

Tools like the basin wrench may make work easier but it would be much easier to remove the kitchen sink. Remove the aerator immediately after installation and flush to ensure any clogged material is washed away.

Any equipment needs taking care of if it is expected to serve for a long period of time and a kitchen faucet is no exception. Like with all metals, it may need constant polishing to leave it looking sleek and shiny. Leaving it greasy with stains catalysis the rusting process and will leave your faucet looking old in no time.

Always repair any leaks as soon as possible as this will not only make your faucet look neater but will help in conserving the water that would have otherwise been wasted.

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